Sunday, July 17, 2011

Before & After is Moving is wonderful experience?

Wow, what an adventure, what a daunting task!
I spent 3 days this week cleaning out the store and I'm still not done!
I so want to leave that chapter behind me and move on.
I am almost there and the time is ripe for change.
Here are a few pictures of the new place before and after.
I've since scrubbed all the windows, taken down the nasty shades and cleaned like a banshee.
There is still so much to be done but I'm going to take my time. 
Wait until you see what I have planned!
It will be light, bright and full of vintage of course!
Yes I had them paint it white, it was dark brown, help me choose a color?
Nasty, nasty kitchen cupboards and the color is AWFUL!
Needless to say...painters and cleaners are always welcome.
Think I have my work cut out for me?
I'm not complaining by any means, it's exciting, my life is full of possibilities.
Who could ask for more than that.