Friday, July 8, 2011

Fabulous Vintage Buys on Etsy!

I've been shopping my friends! 
Goofy things, fun things, stellar things all from Etsy!

The Wonderful Stars are from OceansideCastle
My Fabulous Teapot is from a stellar shop and an equally stellar friend MyLittleThriftStore
Green Medusa one of my Favorite Finds came from 4EnvisioningVintage
Yonks is wonderful!
She sent me the Awesome Thread set and added the fabulous antique book!
The Neatest Little Doll Head came from BlurredVisionary
Finally, my Lovely Antique Angel Print, such a beauty from HillTopCottage
All Wonderful Shops and all part of the Vintage Etsy Society Street Team!

I WON a Vintage Beauty!

I am thrilled to have won this vintage beauty!
Many thanks to SherbieHerbie
 Please be sure visit her great shop filled with fabulous finds!

A special thank you to ZenfulGoods 
with the fabulous Blog!