Friday, July 8, 2011

Fabulous Vintage Buys on Etsy!

I've been shopping my friends! 
Goofy things, fun things, stellar things all from Etsy!

The Wonderful Stars are from OceansideCastle
My Fabulous Teapot is from a stellar shop and an equally stellar friend MyLittleThriftStore
Green Medusa one of my Favorite Finds came from 4EnvisioningVintage
Yonks is wonderful!
She sent me the Awesome Thread set and added the fabulous antique book!
The Neatest Little Doll Head came from BlurredVisionary
Finally, my Lovely Antique Angel Print, such a beauty from HillTopCottage
All Wonderful Shops and all part of the Vintage Etsy Society Street Team!


  1. Such wonderful finds! Hope you enjoy them all, and thank you for linking my little shop!

  2. Reana
    Thank you so much for featuring me in your blog. I am truly humbled and so glad you liked the vintage threads!
    I am now off to tweet your post!
    Warmest wishes from Wales

  3. What a great electic collection! Thanks for adding Mr. Meduca in your stellar shopping finds!! Love your blog and off to share :)


  4. Your vignette and photography are stellar girl! Looks crisp clean perfect. You are on your way to being a my favorite blog queen! How pretty the stars look with your artistic arrangement. I'm impressed. I'm behind you all the way. You can't keep a good girl down! Hard work and talent. Go for it. Thanks for your support and the shop link! Linking blog from FB... Laura

  5. You found some great items! Glad my little tea pot found a great home... You are so cool Re.

  6. You have an ecclectic mix! It's addicting, isn't it (shopping on etsy, that is!)

  7. Thank you so much for the initial comment! You have a lot of treasures in your shop! :)
    New follower!