Monday, March 28, 2011

Meet Atticle!


He's a Buyer not a Seller on Etsy!
Genius at Treasury Making!
I'm Proud to Consider Him A Friend!

How did I stumble across Etsy?
I devour interior mags at borders! I have lots of american & european lifestyle shop names on my favorites folder...
My inspiration?
All over  Etsy!
Be it a product, a picture, coupled with my moods (usually bad since work is such a lousy way to earn a living!) but i'm pretty steadfast when i craft a treasury and I get supremely agitated when I can't find a suitable fit to create the whole picture.
Any magic formula?
  I am guided by a simple principle: control the colors first before you think about styling the big picture.
The Etsy Shopping Experience for a Guy
I definitely buy too much. but I just can't resist vintage stuff on etsy which I'll never be able to get my hands on in Singapore. My last purchase was just 2 days ago for some chess pieces. in fact, some of my purchases are still lying around my apartment in their original boxes, because I've run out of space to display them! 
Atticle resides in Singapore and works in the publishing realm.
See his Treasuries

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'you are loved' by atticle

~remember that you are loved~

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