Monday, March 28, 2011

Meet Atticle!


He's a Buyer not a Seller on Etsy!
Genius at Treasury Making!
I'm Proud to Consider Him A Friend!

How did I stumble across Etsy?
I devour interior mags at borders! I have lots of american & european lifestyle shop names on my favorites folder...
My inspiration?
All over  Etsy!
Be it a product, a picture, coupled with my moods (usually bad since work is such a lousy way to earn a living!) but i'm pretty steadfast when i craft a treasury and I get supremely agitated when I can't find a suitable fit to create the whole picture.
Any magic formula?
  I am guided by a simple principle: control the colors first before you think about styling the big picture.
The Etsy Shopping Experience for a Guy
I definitely buy too much. but I just can't resist vintage stuff on etsy which I'll never be able to get my hands on in Singapore. My last purchase was just 2 days ago for some chess pieces. in fact, some of my purchases are still lying around my apartment in their original boxes, because I've run out of space to display them! 
Atticle resides in Singapore and works in the publishing realm.
See his Treasuries

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  1. My favorite item from you Niftic is this one

    My favorite item from an Atticle treasury is this one

    Why? you ask.....I have a serious issue with scary babydolls, not the ones that are meant to be scary but the know the ones that are meant to look normal but actually give you nightmares!!!! So your highchair is a fav because you showed mega restraint by not putting a scary vintage doll in it for photo purposes and the baby ring because, well I dig being scared just a little.

  2. Nice post!

    My favorite Niftic

    And I found this in Atticle's treasuries...

  3. Loved this post! It was a lot of fun!!

    My favorite item from your shop are the antique fairy tale nesting boxes.
    I just find them really intriguing.

    Atticle, I had such a hard time picking a favorite - they were all so wonderful!! You have a true gift for putting together a gorgeous treasury!

    weight watchers was a beautifully balanced design! -

    And love triangle was such a clever play on shape! -

    Like I said I couldn't pick just one! (good grief...I can't seem to follow even simple rules)

  4. Hi there! I have visited your Etsy shop before, so it was no problem becoming a follower to your blog or picking out a fav from your Etsy shop. It is definitely the sweet farm prints of the boy and girl. I want to say to the little girl, "Honey, put your dress down. It's not ladylike!"

    I have never searched for someone's treasuries before so this was a new experience. This particular one made me want to step back in time, put on a black velvet coat with a hood and roam the shadowy world of Wuthering Heights...very mysterious and dark. Moody. Where or where is Heathcliff? It is the opposite of what I usually create which made atticle's treasury very intriguing to me!

  5. Great Idea! wow what amazing treasuries it was hard to decide but I really loved..Gorgeous styles and color.. Its captivating!

    Niftic your white sunglasses are my favorite item!

  6. Ok so my favorite item (if I have to chose) is this:

    because I love the colors and it subtle & simple yet gorgeous!

    For my favorite treasury it is:

    because I LOVE the color green & I love each & every item in the treasury because they are all unique.

  7. My favorite treasure from Niftic is the scotty napkin holder because as an adoptive mom of 4 rescued dogs I love anything with dogs.

    From Atticle's stunning treasuries, I like this dog ring:

  8. I can relate. My little villa is a design nightmare. I can only imagine living in Singapore. My brother and his family lived there for two years and my nephews still complain about the tiny room they shared.

    Favorite item is (you should know by now):

    Favorite treasury is definately:

  9. Sorry, I hit enter to soon. Love the item, because my wife has that exact cookie jar (among 54 others) and I've only seen it on the shelf. Never a thrift store, antique store, auction, nor even a book. Alway reminds me of the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland and my daughters name is Alice.

    The treasury is another matter entirely. I just did a treasury the other day in black and white inspired by my Ansel Adams prints. This one looked similar in contrast and textures and then I noticed that we used the same scarf from Beteabon's shop. In fact, the lamp, the shoe and the brooch were also items that I had in my treasury and then substituted for something else prior to saving. Of all the items on Etsy, I just thought is was strange that we had both stumbled upon so many of the same. "Brothers from another mother"? Maybe...

  10. My favorite item from Niftic is:

    My favorite item from an Atticle treasury is:

    Who can say for sure? Sometimes things speak to you in a subtle whisper, other times a loud scream. On rare occasion, something manages to do both without the slightest sound. Those are the “inexplicables” of life that reveal themselves few and far between, but with an impact that is. . .well, beyond words.

  11. My favorite Niftic item is:

    My favorite Atticle Treasury is:

    Atticle, your treasuries are amazing!

  12. Alright Niftic, it only took me two days to get my act together, but here goes. My favorite item of yours is:

    And my favorite of Atticle's is:

    I gotta tell ya, it was a toss up between the Mexican postcards and the rabbit. But that rabbit is just so darn cute!

    As for Atticle, she has a splendid eye for smoothing out a color palette. I went through all of the treasuries and had a tough time deciding which to choose. I almost chose the peacock feather pilsner glasses. These butterflies are just too wonderful to pass over however!