Monday, March 21, 2011

Time to move!

Well my friends moving day is quickly rearing it's ugly head. I am starting to pick out my faves and store them away to list on Etsy. I'd love to take it all but alas that is hardly an option. I'm excited to start a new chapter and am grateful to have had this wonderful opportunity. Quite frankly it was a daunting task that gave me little time for much else. I'm looking forward to the days ahead when inventory and paperwork are a thing of the past. Creating and Etsy will be my full-time passion, although a part-time job may have to keep the wolves at bay.

I'll be sharing scenes of quirky finds, dusty stuff I haven't seen in months and much chaos, I hope you will join me and enjoy the journey into the unknown. Wonder what my teeny mousy is going to do, he has become quite the welcome little visitor.

1 comment:

  1. Your shop was lovely!! Selling on Etsy, though, is I think a better decision too--especially here in Buffalo with all the small boutique type shops I've seen go belly up in the last couple years. My favorite bookstore in Kenmore just shut down after 30 years because the business just wasn't enough. I used to live on Delaware and I've seen quite a few shops come and go there in just the four years that I lived around there.

    Etsy's a lot better because you can have a pretty big shop with so little overhead--you just have to figure out how to promote it the right way. It's nice for me because I can post up the things that I've made for myself and special orders and then just take orders based on whoever orders. It saves me a TON of time and money on making inventory that might just not sell.

    Good luck!! Keep us posted with your progress :)