Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Meet the Fabulous Robin Wade!

Druzzy Love to Dance by Robin Wade
Robin at Work

Work in Progress

 Robins Studio
Robin Wade is an amazing Artisan her creative process includes the use of the discarded and unused. I purchased one of her pieces a few weeks ago and was so delighted and touched that we decided it was her time to shine in the spotlight!

What prompted you to open an Etsy Shop?
For almost the entire three of so years I've been creating jewelry, people have been telling me I should open a shop on Etsy. It seemed intriguing but there were so many uncertainties that I stopped myself. I thought the process of setting up a shop and managing it would be too complicated and overwhelming. I reasoned that people might not want to purchase my creations. There was always an excuse not to open a shop, and yet there was also a tug to push myself to give it a try. Last June 16th, my friend Leah Peterson was visiting and staying with me for a week. She has an Etsy shop and agreed to sit down and walk me through the setup. I was blown away at how easy the whole process was!

 Your stories about each piece you create are intriguing, how do you get your ideas?
I had to have some kind of description for each post so decided to create little stories about each piece. The stories are based on how I see the piece as it's created.  Much to my surprise... the stories have become an important part of each creation. I get messages from people daily about how their special piece helped them deal with a physical or emotional struggle. Knowing that one of my little angels or other creations have touched someone's life in a positive way is amazing! My life has been enriched by the countless people I've met through my Etsy shop. I look forward to hearing from people who want to share a bit of their life and why the piece they chose has touched them. I will never regret pushing myself to take a risk and give Etsy a chance. My life has changed in so many good ways because of it. 

Tell us a little bit about your creative process ad how you got started.
I started drawing and painting several years ago as a way to express what I was feeling inside. I found that creating art was my passion and it has been very important in my life. I worked for many years with children from birth through 18 years that had been abandoned, neglected, and abused. I loved my work with children and I sometimes give them voice through my art today. I started to create jewelry after taking a basic silversmith class and learning how to solder a bezel. Once I figured out how to solder different metals together... I went my own direction and started setting all kinds of materials in silver. The angels and other little sculptured figures evolved out of learning those basic skills. It took a while to learn how to successfully solder several joints without melting the previous ones... or the entire piece. I've approached the jewelry as a sculpture. I sculpt wings, faces, and other pieces out of Fimo and then create molds so I can reproduce them with PMC. I cut, solder, and set different materials to create each piece. The challenge of incorporating different materials is always exciting to me. Each piece that I create kind of tells me how it want's to look. I don't gather specific materials for each piece. My workbench is full of bits of re-purposed sterling, copper,brass, rocks, broken ceramic bits, buttons,typewriter keys, and on. It's organized to me... but most people would probably see it as chaos.
What are your Favorite Shop on Etsy?
The true answer is I don't have 1 absolute favorite.... I have several for different reasons.  If we are talking Vintage stuff my favorite would be CoolVintage because I love the old dug up and found objects.  It's kind of like experiencing a small "dig" without actually digging.  If we are talking jewelry... I love QuenchMetalWorks.  She does amazing work with buttons and sterling.  I use both in my own work but in very different ways. I absolutely love KatHannah's paintings/prints.  Her work is deep, beautiful, remotely uncomfortable and quietly thought provoking.  If I had to choose one... (painful)... it would be her shop.
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  1. I am blown away at your kindness and support. It touches me deep. Your taking the time to create this post is most amazing. Thank you! Thank you! I hope that everyone takes a minute to check out Niftic. You won't believe the amazing pieces that you might find. Very cool. Thanks for everything Reana. Flocks of light...

  2. I'd love to win this! I followed and shared on twitter (Arjatunsdaughtr)
    My favorite item of your shop is this:
    I love wood, ilove old and weathered and I love wabi-sabi!
    Thank you so much for the opportunity!

  3. Very interesting post on Robin Wade; her work is amazing!

  4. So I found out that this blog would show some of Robin's pieces and why she does her Esty shop/her art..when I found out, I wasn't too surprised because she has come so so far with her art! She has been able to take her jewelry and other art forms to a new level of aweomeness(:
    I have a few pieces that she has done & I rarely go a day without wearing it and having my friends ask who made it & why it looks so cool. My Aunt Robin is a great example of creating art truly for each individual person..she somehow can create a piece that is just for you, with it's own story. Keep doin' what you do(:

  5. Totally cool shop :O) Neat post!!!

  6. Robin's work is stunning! I love the Druzzy Love piece!

    I'm now one of your loyal followers! ;-) And my favorite thing in your shop are the amazing and beautiful salt cellars.

    I love the color combination and the shape, and they are in such immaculate condition. Plus, I love the way you displayed and photographed them -- perfect!

  7. AMazing work !! Fabulous interview! What a wonderful artsy-ful person Robin is!! Great job with this Reana!!

  8. Hi Reana! Love your blog and love this interview! It is always, always, always interesting to hear what drives a particular artist to create, what inspires them, and what has been a challenge to them. This post was no exception - and Robin's work is so cool!

    Speak of cool - gosh is this giveaway swoon-worthy! Picking a favorite from your shop was rough, but I managed:

    I love this little crocheted piece because it's so simple and the colors and just gorgeous. I don't usually have the patience to sort through vintage linens and whatnot, so seeing them carefully selected by someone else is always impressive to me. And, as always, you've taken gorgeous pictures of this little beauty!

  9. Fascinating post! I love Robin's work.

  10. Love Robin's work and the interview! Such lovely stuff, great to see people supporting each other on Etsy!!

  11. Wow! Thanks Reana for introducing us to such a gifted, compassionate artist who has a vision. I will be sharing her shop with others.
    My fav item in your shop right now is the chrome memo holder. It is stiking,useful, & nostalgic.

  12. It is, indeed, fascinating to meet the fabulous Robin Wade. Thank you, Reana, for giving us the opportunity to read your interview. The artistry of Robin and the insight you provide into her work and her character keeps me in constant awe of the numerous creative people I find tending their shops on Etsy.
    From your own shop, Reana, I have found a favorite in the little red headed hand puppet: Puppets always fascinate me--large, small, shadow, stage, finger, stick operated, comic, religious--always storytellers. And their history probably goes back to the beginnings of human theater.
    Now, I am sharing on Facebook.

  13. A good story can indeed make a difference! Thanks for inspiring others to breath deeply, and tell a good story....

  14. How cool of you to feature Robin on your blog! She is simply magnificent. I wandered into Robin's Etsy shop last September and have gone back every day since! I was first drawn to the emotion on the faces of her angels - how does she do that ?????? Robin is able to capture so much in each piece. And each description is a piece of art too. I want her to make a coffee table book with photos of her pieces and their descriptions - I'd buy the first copy (or 5 copies - I have friends who would also find her work stunning). Thanks again for this great feature - Robin's angels speak feelings that have no words.

  15. I am so moved by all of your kind and supportive comments. It touches me deep. I feel blessed to have this opportunity to share a bit of my process. Thank you again Reana.
    Sending a warm and shining light to all of you,

  16. I love your angels & art, Robin Wade..
    love, Firuzan

  17. I love your shop - I would pick
    because I collect aprons and hang them in my kitchen - plus my kids and I always wear them while we make cookies.

    New Follower :)

  18. Following already :)

    Love Robin's work! Favorited on Etsy & promoting!

    From your shop...I love that high chair!

  19. Wow -- thanks for such an awesome giveaway opportunity! I enjoyed visiting Robin's shop -- her pendants are fabulous!

    I'm following : )

    I love the antique iron! I have a couple of old irons that I display in my kitchen and this would be a fun addition!

    Thanks again!!


  21. Hello Niftic! Great article; Robin's work is fabulous. I love your shop too. I just posted my fav from your shop, alas only a link; no photo. My favorite Niftic item is the pink seashell vase from Florida. So RETRO!

  22. Robin's work looks amazing! Thanks for the interview.

  23. I love this!

    Shared on my FB fan page

  24. Ohhh fantastic, I wasn't sure if you wanted a favorite from your shop or Robins so I found both:

    from Robin's it's the dragonfly earrings because I adore dragonflys

    from yours it's Akro Agate Cornucopia Vase Bright Blue, because I adore spring/summer flowers :O)

    and I'm a follower!

    ;o) brienna

  25. Robin's work is amazing and what a delight it is to get a behind the scenes peek at her process of creation.

    Reana I absolutely love how you always find the most amazing items and shops on Etsy and how wonderful that you share postings like this with us who admire your eye for the unique and the fantastic.

    As for my fave in your many hard to choose...but I heart this..

    Well I'm off to FB and Tweet. :)

  26. Hi Niftic - I'm a new follower ... and in your shop, it's HARD to select a fave. But I do love the old milk crate!

    I look forward to reading your posts.

  27. I love anything with little drawers or shelves. Plus, it is wood which makes it perfect. So this is my favorite from your shop.

  28. What a fabulous post, Nift! Love your blog. Thank you for sharing in our team thread. Your shop is lovely and I had a hard time choosing. Like a few others, that crate is high on my list. I also love the band aid tin. I'm from NJ and I am almost always sporting a band aid - or half. I slice them (longways) because I am thrifty that way! And they are less intrusive. There's my geek tip for the day. I am getting to my favorite, but I have to tell you that I have a similar laundry bag and never seen another one til yours today. Mine doesn't have the holes. Odd. And I have a story about puppets like yours! Again, never seen any others until today. And my story is from 1987! OK so I decided on: because I love groovy sunglasses and have a pair that everyone comments on so they're a great ice breaker if you are a people maven like I am.

    I followed your blog. Boy do I have my fingers crossed to win. ox joon

  29. You rock, your blog rocks, your item up for giveaway rocks...

    and I am in love with the BandAid Tin Canister...among your other items!!


  30. Wow! Gorgeous work and beautiful story! Thanks for posting!


  31. Robin, your work is beautiful! Thank you for sharing with us.

  32. awesome artisan, very creative work.
    great post!

  33. This is a great Blog and Robin is a terrific artist. I was looking around her shop and had a hard time deciding which was my favorite piece. I decided on this lucky one Cuz it's my birthday and I'm feeling lucky. I've tweeted and followed. Thanks

  34. Can't thank everyone enough for joining us! And Robin, what can I say, your work is a pure joy to behold and I feel honored to wear one of your pendants every day.

  35. I just want to take a minute to thank Reana for doing this incredible post about my process and work. You are such a kind an giving soul and I feel as though I have known you for years! Thank you. Bless you!
    It has been an incredible pleasure reading the supportive comments. It fuels my work and makes me feel good all under. Thank you all for taking the time to check out my little creations and for also supporting Niftic. Reana has wonderful pieces in her shop and I hope that everyone finds something that brings them a bit of joy!
    Reana... You the bomb! Thank you.
    With light...Robin