Saturday, April 16, 2011

Vintage Store Closing Soon! Brick & Mortar Closing...

The time has come to finally say goodbye to my brick and mortar
Vintage and Antique Shop.
It has been a  long hard road filled with excitement, energy and creativity. Unfortunately not the type of creativity that I enjoy. Long hours, tons of paperwork and so little time to enjoy the good things in life such as painting, sewing, assemblage and of course Etsy. The store is in total disarray and chaos for now, I have closed for a short time to try and sift through the many vintage and antiques items trying to decide what can go and what should stay to furnish my home and to resell on Etsy. I think you will enjoy the mess and the chaos, perhaps you will spy a treasure as well. Some of what you see will be going on Etsy, some will stay with me but most will be sold at my closing sale. Enjoy my friends, this is not a sad time but one of rejuvenation!
I'm so looking forward to getting back to a real life, this just wasn't for me any longer.
Just the tip of the iceberg on vintage linens! I have a whole back room full!
My back room, I NEED help!
 This baby took me forever to refurbish! Don't think I can sell it!
I'll be stitching back the pieces and moving on!
See anything interesting? Let me know...


  1. Reana,
    I'm thinking of you as you're going through this transition. About ten years ago I had to close my little shop. I was there seven days a week and it overtook my life. Lots of fun but no time to do anything else. I wish the best to you and much peace and love sent your way!
    Zenful Goods

  2. What a beautiful store! I'm glad youre taking time to enjoy the things you love most...time goes by us so quickly....Now you can take a trip to the beautiful coast of NH and visit me : )

    xo love to you!


  3. Ummmmm I see everything that looks interesting!!!

  4. What beautiful treasures, I know you will make lots of sales!!! I wish I was closer to see your closing sale as it looks amazing and I know you will be so happy to have the time to do the things you love again!

    ;o) brienna

  5. See anything interesting, she says. Oho, do I ever! What a glorious time I'd have poking around with you as you move onward and upward! I can only imagine how sad your brick & mortar customers will be, but I'm betting they're already Etsy-bound right along with you!!

    BTW, I couldn't part with that chandelier either.

  6. It's got to be a one of those times when as hard as it is to say goodbye you'll be relieved of the stress involved in keeping a little shop. Best of luck to you and your future! :)

  7. WOW! looks like there are so many fab treasures in your store (no surprise there)! after you've sorted through it all (good luck with that big job!), we will all be the lucky ones to see what new listings you've added to your etsy shop.

    as for your store closing sale ~ bet that will be one of those "can't miss" events ~ lucky locals!

    all the best to you as begin yet another journey. . .


  8. Best to you on your decision. I have been toying with entering into a "live" space recently, perhaps more as warehouse and storage for props, and a dedicated photo area so I don't have to restage my bedroom daily! There have been 3 new consignment/antique shops opening in my area which is a positive thing. Could this be a compliment to the online shop?...would love to discuss further.

  9. An ongoing journey....and a new future unfolding! Have fun with the process...messy as it might be!!

  10. what a place packed with fun! I am sure I could sift through there for days!
    so sad to be closing, it is always a nostalgic to make a huge change and to see the shop close. there are folks that will remember your little place fondly. You have made a memory for them too!

    So glad you are on our team and you are the biggest part of its success!
    thank you for that and as the old saying goes, when one door closes, another one opens!
    this is just the Beginning of a new adventure for you my friend!
    back to painting and creating as you need to!

  11. I'm happy that you see this as a time of rejuvenation!! Congrats on opening a new phase in life!!

  12. Looks like you have your work cut out for you! Good Luck with the new venture! Your presence is so strong on etsy!

  13. It will be exciting to have a new beginning. Your etsy shop will certainly benefit! ::Jill

  14. Congratulations on this exciting venture. I'm confident that your etsy shop will continue to thrive :)

  15. what a great idea to use that drying rack to display linens - i will need to find me one of those! good luck with scaling down - i am actually trying to do that too! trying!!! :-)