Sunday, July 31, 2011

Meet Deborah of VintageRetrievers

Deborah from VintageRetrievers
A Fabulous Vintage Shop and a Wonderful Vestiesteam Member!

We Love Deborah!
What drew you to open an Etsy Shop?
A brick and mortar Vintage and Antique shop was at the top of my agenda for some time.
After much searching in my ideal area and no possibility of obtaining a lease I decided to explore 
my other options. Sometimes things do happen for a reason and I found the Etsy Community.

In January of this year my full-time job had diminished to part-time, this was the perfect opportunity for
me to move forward with my new venture and I'm thrilled that I did.
I immediately loved the feel of Etsy and it's many vintage shops, it has been the perfect fit for me.

Any plans for the future?
I'm very interested in exploring my creative endeavors and adding handmade goods to the mix.
I find it exciting to delve in and expand my current market with one-of-kind goods.

Any Favorite Shops?
 It's very difficult to narrow down my favorite shop, I do admire those that take wood, wood, paper, etc.
and create something fabulous. Here are two out of the many, many Etsy shops that blow me away...


Her Coats Rock!


  Great product, a niche market, fab photos and she takes the time to share her extensive knowledge in her descriptions. And you can tell she is passionate about what she offers for sale.

Visit our wonderful Vestiesteam Member Today!

Vintage housewares, home decor, linens and more!


  1. Love your shop! And I too agree ~there are way too many shops on Etsy to narrow down a favorite :)

  2. Thank you Reana for such a lovely feature on your blog. I appreciate it! I love your shop and I am looking forward to your new creations!


  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog (!

    I'm following yours now; great posts! That orange set of dishes from VintageRetrievers (love the name!) is awesome. :)

  4. You have picked some fantastic items here, that coat and the orange tableware - amazing!

  5. Great interview! I love getting to know my fellow Vesties more! And...that coat sooo rocks!